May 2, 2024

16th Annual Power of Possibilities held on May 2, 2024

On May 2, 2024, AbilityPath celebrated their 16th Annual Power of Possibilities. It was a memorable and special evening which raised $800,000 and counting. Guest Speaker Tim Shriver, Chairman, Special Olympics shared his inspiring and visionary perspectives on inclusion.

One of the many highlights of the evening was celebrating this year’s Neal Poppin Award winner, Douglas Sheehan. While the pandemic was a challenging time for many people, Doug blossomed during this time, expanding his social circle, taking on leadership roles, and going after his dream job to work at a library. His passion for animation led to publishing his first book in 2021, “Super Bunny and Wonder Bear,” a heartwarming tale of friendship. Continuing his growth, Doug decided to pursue his passion and apply for a job at Belmont Library. He was hired in 2023 and has become one of the library’s most reliable and dedicated employees. Doug is currently crafting his second book, featuring Dopey Dog and Smarty Cat. Doug’s journey reflects resilience, determination, and the transformative power of pursuing one’s passions. His heartwarming speech reminds us why our mission and the work we do is so important. You can enjoy his video here.