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In March of 2018 the California Legislature completed a study that identified an annual funding gap of approximately $1.8 billion for programs serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (“IDD”). This disastrous situation is the result of past Administrations chronically underfunding our state’s developmental disabilities services system. The needs of our fellow Californians with IDD, their families, and the people who support them have been neglected for far too long .

The Newsom Administration has a historic opportunity to fix this tragic situation. Since the release of the study’s findings over three years ago, the California Legislature has pushed this Administration to implement the funding remedies recommended in the report. Sadly, the Administration has left the IDD system with an ongoing annual funding gap conservatively estimated to be at least $1.5 Billion!

With the historic Budget surplus and influx of federal support, Governor Newsom and his team have a unique opportunity to address this funding travesty. Without adequate funding, California’s developmental disabilities system will continue to decline, jeopardizing the ability to meet the needs of the IDD community.

Two decades of neglectful underfunding needs to stop now. We implore Governor Newsom and the Legislature to take action. Fund The Gap Now!

Legislative Priorities

Close the $1.4B funding gap

Increase availability of housing for adults with IDD

Recognition of direct service professional as an essential workforce

AbilityPath Auxiliary Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee shall identify opportunities to advocate for those with special needs and developmental disabilities via public forums and social media in order to further our shared message of acceptance, respect, and inclusion. Additionally, the Advocacy Committee will inform our community and supporters about important legislative issues impacting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities at the local, state and national levels, enabling interested parties to take appropriate action.

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