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impacting Californians with IDD

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, California’s disability system was significantly underfunded, putting a strain on the entire disability community, including those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), their families, and the workforce that provides their vital support services.  Filling that funding gap and ensuring the essential safety net of services equipped to meet the unique needs of California’s most vulnerable citizens should be a priority for state funding!

With the historic Budget surplus Governor Newsom has a unique opportunity to address this—a chance that will likely never arise again.  While the Governor’s version of the 2022-23 State Budget contains important investments to our system, we can do better and we should.

Our Legislative leaders in the Senate and Assembly recognized this opportunity and the Legislative Version of the 2022-23 State Budget fulfills our request to accelerate the rate increases by one year AND the Governor’s proposals.

Encourage Governor Newsom to join his colleagues by committing to investing in these vital services, accept the Legislative Version of the 2022-23 State Budget, and truly make our home a California for ALL.

Legislative Priorities

Close the $1.4B funding gap

Service accessibility with flexibility, person-centered outcomes, and individual choice

Pursue recognition for the Direct Support Professional Workforce

AbilityPath Auxiliary Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee shall identify opportunities to advocate for those with special needs and developmental disabilities via public forums and social media in order to further our shared message of acceptance, respect, and inclusion. Additionally, the Advocacy Committee will inform our community and supporters about important legislative issues impacting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities at the local, state and national levels, enabling interested parties to take appropriate action.

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