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Thank you for your advocacy!

Thanks to the hard work of advocates like you the Budget for the coming fiscal year (July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2025) will include the last step in the rate increase for service providers like AbilityPath, beginning on January 1st. Governor Newsom proposed delaying the increase to July 1, 2025 but advocates and the Legislature pushed back hard.

While any delay is disappointing, our collective advocacy ensured that we will see some rate relief in the upcoming year.

Thank you for your advocacy and support as we pushed back on the one-year delay amidst a historic budget deficit. This was an incredibly challenging budget year, and we certainly made our presence felt as we fought for the individuals with IDD and the workforce that supports them.

AbilityPath’s current advocacy campaigns

In July 2023, Representative Jimmy Panetta of California’s 19th congressional district, which includes portions of Santa Clara County, reintroduced The Marriage Equality for Disabled Adults Act.

Under current law, adults with disabilities lose federal benefits if they marry a non-disabled person, with few exceptions.

AbilityPath’s Adult Services Healthy Relationships Class has been working on a grassroots advocacy campaign to support the legislation, which according to Rep. Panetta he authored “to allow individuals with lifelong disabilities to marry without compromising their benefits and wellbeing.  Every American, no matter who they are and without being penalized, should be able to marry who they love.”

The class has:

  • Written letters to their Congressional representatives asking them to support Rep. Panetta’s legislation.
  • Written letters of thanks to Rep. Panetta for authoring the legislation.
  • Created a campaign so that our friends and family can contact their congressional representatives with one click.Please TAKE ACTION NOW and share our campaign with your friends and family.  This is just one example of outdated legislation that needs to be updated to fully realize our vision of a world where people of all abilities are fully accepted, respected, and included.


Legislative Priorities

Person-centered, accessible, flexible reforms

Sustainable funding structure

Pursue recognition for the Direct Support Professional Workforce

AbilityPath Auxiliary Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee shall identify opportunities to advocate for those with special needs and developmental disabilities via public forums and social media in order to further our shared message of acceptance, respect, and inclusion. Additionally, the Advocacy Committee will inform our community and supporters about important legislative issues impacting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities at the local, state and national levels, enabling interested parties to take appropriate action.

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