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Founded in 1950, the AbilityPath Auxiliary supports children and adults with special needs and developmental disabilities through the programs and services of AbilityPath, so they can reach their full potential and live happy and productive lives in our community.

Through fundraising events and volunteerism, the Auxiliary has raised more than $3,000,000 for the children and adults with special needs receiving services at AbilityPath, and have given hundreds of thousands of hours of volunteer time.

Learn more about the AbilityPath Auxiliary’s history by viewing our timeline.


Carol Windsor, AbilityPath Auxiliary President

About AbilityPath

AbilityPath has been a cornerstone of our community for 100 years, providing a lifespan of support services to individuals with special needs and developmental disabilities in the greater Bay Area. We offer services in Daly City, Burlingame, San Mateo, Redwood City, Sunnyvale, East Palo Alto, and Half Moon Bay. Our mission is to empower people with special needs to achieve their full potential through innovative, inclusive programs and community partnerships. With educational, therapeutic, vocational, and family support services, we are distinctive in providing support to an individual throughout their lifetime. We collaborate with businesses, third party providers, local nonprofits, and various organizations to bring the highest quality services to the children, youth, and adults in our programs. Together, we create a world where people of all abilities are fully accepted, respected, and included in all aspects of life – in the classroom, the workplace, and in our communities. Join us in “Turning Disabilities into Possibilities.”

Our Mission

Since 1950, the AbilityPath Auxiliary has supported children and adults with special needs through the programs and services of AbilityPath. The Auxiliary strives to encourage and enhance personal growth in those we serve by providing financial support to AbilityPath and volunteering at special events.

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