AUTHOR: Cassy Christianson

What Are Designated Instructional Services (DIS)?

Your child may be eligible for Designated Instruction Services (DIS), also known as related services. These support services help a child benefit from his special education program. They also help him make progress in the general curriculum. Eligibility is evaluated through an assessment during the IEP process or by referral after placement. DIS must be specified in writing on the IEP.

These are examples of DIS services:

  • Speech and language therapy provided by a speech pathologist for children with communication needs
  • Orientation and mobility instruction to teach a child with visual impairments how to navigate through his or her environment
  • Audiological services for a child with hearing loss
  • Physical or occupational therapy for a child with gross motor, fine motor, or self-care needs
  • Vision services for children with visual impairments
  • Mental health services provided by a mental health professional (a Clinical Mental Health Therapist)
  • Health and nursing services provided by a school nurse or other qualified professional for a child with special health care needs
  • Specialized physical health care services, for example, a child who uses a catheter and needs assistance
  • Extended school year or summer school
  • Transportation to and from school
  • Program aide or paraprofessional for a child who needs personal assistance
  • Individual Behavior Training, for example, applied behavior analysis